Guild Wars 2 – Lion’s Arch – Vistas + Map

Guild Wars 2 – Lion’s Arch  All Vistas + Complete Map

I made some video guides to Guild Wars 2 to help you find the vistas you may have missed or can’t find. There is also a comeplete map over Lion’s Arch, so you can see if you missed a heart or something else.

If you want to get 100% map completion on this map, you must complete:

13 Waypoints

21 Points of Interest

11 Vistas

The eleven vistas is located at/near:

Eastern Ward Waypoint (Ship)
Eastern Ward Waypoint (Rock Isle)
Postern Ward
Tokk’s Mill
Bloodcoast Ward
Trader’s Forum
Trader’s Forum
Sanctum Harbor
Western Ward Waypoint
Hooligan’s Route
Diverse Ledges Waypoint

Guild Wars 2 – Lion’s Arch All Vistas + Complete Map

Guild Wars 2 – Last point of interest

This last point of interest was abit hard to find for me, so I decided to share it with you. Because you may have the same problem as I did.

This the point of interest also known as “Lost Grotto” Located north of the eastern ward.

I Hope the Guild Wars 2 videos about the vistas in Lion’s Arch was useful for you. Feel free to  subscribe to my youtube channel, to be updated with future Guild Wars 2 videos.

Let me know what I can do better, and what you would like to see in a video.

Hope you have an awesome day full of gameplay :-p


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