Guild Wars 2 – Plains of Ashford – Vistas + Map

Guild Wars 2 – Plains of Ashford (Level 1-15) All Vistas + Complete Map

I made some video guides to Guild Wars 2 to help you find the vistas you may have missed or can’t find. There is also a comeplete map over Plains of Ashford, so you can see if you missed a heart or something else.

Plains of Ashford is a lowbie zone in the Ascalon region, it’s the starter area for new players. They start in the village of Smokestead.

If you want to get 100% map completion on this map, you must complete:

16 Renown Hearts

18 Waypoints

17 Points of Interest

6 Skill challenges

10 Vistas

The ten vistas is located at/near:

Feritas Waypoint
Victoris Presidium
Temperus Point Waypoint
Lake Adorea
The Toppled Wall
Ascalon City Ruins
Swordcross Outpost
Camp Keiran
Cadem Forest
Human’s Lament

Guild Wars 2 – Plains of Ashford (level 1-15) All Vistas

Guild Wars 2 – Plains of Ashford (Level 1-15) Complete Map

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